EXPO2020/21 Dubai World Expo is the largest international event of the year that has been held despite the pandemic. Here, 192 participating countries will present themselves to the whole world in the city of the future, which was built on 440 hectares of land right in the middle of the desert.



For the opening of the World Universal Exhibition "EXPO-2020/21" in Dubai, our company designed and implemented the idea of a central exposition proposed by Simpateka Entertainment Group, installed, supplied, and commissioned sound and technological equipment, carried out construction and installation work on the interiors of the Russia pavilion.

The Russian pavilion has become the most visited since the beginning of Expo 2020/21. The World Expo was held under the motto "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future". The exhibition area was divided into three thematic sectors: "Opportunity", "Mobility" and "Sustainable Development". The Russian pavilion was located in the Mobility thematic sector. The theme of Russia's participation in Expo 2020/21 is "Creative Mind: Shaping the Future".

The Russian Pavilion at the EXPO 2020/21 World Exhibition won the INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2022

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